5 useful techniques to generate more sales

5 useful techniques to generate more sales

No matter what your business is, Sales are always an important factor in every business. Increasing sales and maintaining your customers are the two most essential criteria every business has to work on to.  Thus, Webdogs has come up with five useful techniques that will help you increase your sales as well as keep your customers coming back to you.

  1. Quick Responses

Have you ever had a problem or a query and contacted customer support? What do you expect when you call? A quick reply, indeed!

In the same manner, all your customer expects from your company is a good customer service with quick response.  Studies show that it is not only the companies that do not make mistakes gets good customer response but the companies who are also willing to rectify their mistakes and are actively responsive to the customer queries and problems do too.

It is a well-tried fact that good customer service leads to better customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth publicity to others.

  1. Learn to Handle ‘Angry Customers’

When customers are not-so-happy with your product or service, they are likely to take out their grievances on social media through angry rants against your company.  Many customers also look for company’s social media and post a comment or send a private message about their enmity.

When such things happen, don’t get irritated or confused. Handle the situation with a calm mind. Ask the customer/s what has made them angry. Once you know the real reason, try to find a solution. Give them the solution as soon as you can. If the customer is still not satisfied with the solution, try to work on it again but never leave your customer unsatisfied.  Good word-of-mouth takes time to spread, but bad ones – they spread like fire in a jungle!

  1. Market Research

Working on a product for years assuming people will like it and then putting it on the market just to get the opposite results have become too old school now. With the advanced technologies and vast spread horizons of social media, get fully acquainted with the market. Research what’s working and what’s not. Set your target audience and do a deep research about their likes and wants.  Based on that research, develop your product and then hit the market.

  1. Benefit from Social Media

In a study conducted by LinkedIn, it was learnt that 63% of consumers were motivated to take action after learning about products and services on social media. Therefore it is important to get your business updated and upgraded on social media. Also, social media proves to be the best way of reminding about your existence to your customers on a timely basis.

  1. Freebies!

There is no other technique that can beat this one when it comes to marketing.  Who doesn’t like getting freebies?  Rewards are always loved given in whichever form, therefore it is advisable to give a little freebie with each of your product. If you deal in services then you can provide some sort of ‘free service’ to your customer/s.  The desire to get something free will actually drive your customers into buying the actual product or service.




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