Content Marketing strategies to boost your business in 2018

Content Marketing strategies to boost your business in 2018

Content marketers are ‘superheroes’ when it comes to the marketing world.  Without great content, you cannot get conversations and without conversations, there will be no traffic!

Content marketing can never go out of fashion. But the strategies used to circulate them surely can! So you need to keep upgrading your marketing strategies with time.

Why invest in a content marketing strategy at all?

Studies show that content marketing costs 62 percent less than other marketing techniques but delivers three times better leads. But yet only 37 percent of the marketers use a perfect content marketing strategy.

Why? If content marketing is so valuable then why the numbers show otherwise?

Simple.  Marketers are overloaded with other work. An average blog takes around three hours to write, and spending that much time is not affordable to many organizations.

But after that amount of time is been spent, it is very important to use that content accurately. So here are strategies to apply to your content for a better lead generation.

  1. Power of Visuals

When your audience visits your site, it is important to create a good impression on them. A page loaded with text looks dull and unappealing. Therefore use visuals (images, infographics etc) to make your page more appealing. Show your audience what you want them to know, instead of just telling them.

  1. Try to go Viral

When it comes to creating content, the problem is, content marketers get stuck in the facts and creating the serious, lengthy, old-fashioned utilitarian stuff which in real terms is too boring to read and does not get shared hundred times.

When it comes to online marketing, going viral is the key. The more people share your content, the more popular your brand becomes. Therefore create funny, spicy and edgy content that most people would want to share.

  1. Be where your audience is

If you want to meet dog lovers, be at a dog park! Same is the case with content marketing. Beat a place where you are most likely to meet your audience. For example; Facebook, Twitter, forums etc.

How would you know where your target audience is? The answer is simple, Research.

  1. Go one step ahead than just blogging

Blogging is the best form of content creation. While blogging is important, it is in itself not content marketing.  Blogs don’t create discussions on their own.  So it is important to not only create blogs but also to use those blogs to fuel SEO, social media outreach, influencing marketing, cross promotions and as a mode to share your deeper pool of content.

  1. Share, Share and Share

When you are planning to market your brand, you just cannot rely on organic search traffic alone. If you wait for your audience to send a search inquiry for your content, then you might be waiting forever. Instead, your job as a content marketer is to make your content reach out to maximum people. And one way of doing it is through sharing. Share your content as much as you can and wherever you can. Make it available for more people from your end. Once the people start liking it, they themselves will start sharing it further.

  1. Curate your content.

Many marketers fear that content curation could lead to plagiarism but don’t be afraid, if the credit is given appropriately to the creator, reusing the content becomes easy.

Also, content curation promotes thought leadership, helps pump relevant content into your posting stream and creates goodwill with other industry experts. Therefore curate content to maximize your brand’s reach.

  1. Know what your audience likes

Do research with your audience before producing and publishing the content so that you produce your content based on what your audience wants, rather than producing it merely on what you think they want.

  1. Repurpose your work

The Marketer’s Rule of Seven says that you need to tell your message to your audience approximately seven times before your message hits them.  Thus, Repurposing content is the perfect way to repeat yourself, without actually repeating yourself!

There are lots of different content types you can choose to repurpose content in a new way to pick up new conversations like using your original content as FAQs, Surveys, case study, videos etc

  1. Manage your content appropriately

Once you are done with creating enough content and you are ready to release it, decide the best ways to manage it for obtaining maximum traffic. Invest in the right tools to help you curate, schedule, post and track content intelligently. If you are not sure how to manage your content, use tools like Trello or Buffer to help you in doing so.

  1. Use a perfect publishing platform

Another smart way to get your content reach out to more audience is by using right publishing platforms like LinkedIn, blogging sites, forums etc.

  1. Use attractive headlines

The headline of your content is as important as the content itself. According to studies, 80 percent of the readers read only the headline of the article while only 20 percent stick around to read the whole draft. So don’t end up making an interesting content with a boring headline

  1. Be a storyteller                   

Everyone loves a good story. It’s in our nature. When people are emotionally attached to your product, they tend to be more loyal to the brand. Therefore it is good to have a face and a story behind your brand.





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