Digital marketing: Is your website Mobile Friendly?

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Digital marketing: Is your website Mobile Friendly?

When it comes to Digital Marketing, your company’s website is considered as one of the strongest pillars of the marketing campaign.  It is through your website that your site rankings will be driven, your website generates the analysis of organic traffic obtained, it helps you bring in leads and most importantly it promotes company’s products and services on social media pages.

All of this is still important but there is a small change when it comes to Digital Marketing nowadays. Due to the advancement of mobile phones, more &more people are adapting to mobile sites compared to desktop ones.  This change also demands change by Digital marketers to fulfil their consumer’s demands. The Digital marketers should look at the following points when it comes to Mobile sites…

Disappointed Mobile Users:

With the high demand for mobile sites, there are still businesses that spend more time perfecting their desktop sites comparing to the mobile ones. This may lead to the problem when it comes to creating an impression on the customer. The customer would first open any site through the mobile that is available in his rather than waiting to do so in a desktop. If the customer is disappointed by your mobile site or if the site fails to impress him, then he might turn down to your site even before knowing you properly.

If the user is not satisfied with your mobile site, he may never come back to your site again and chances are that he might turn over to your competitor’s sites.

Mobile advertisements:

As users, we may find mobile ads as irritating but as marketers, mobile ads are one important way of showcasing your product or services to the customers. Though already said, customers find it irritating to get mobile ads as it disturbs them but there are 50% chances of the same user opening the advertisement and having a look if the product or service interests him.   Don’t overuse of ads on your site but using the option of Pay-per-click ads is a good way of bringing organic traffic to your site

Make your site responsive:

Responsive sites are basically the sites that adapt themselves to whatever screen size the person is using. For instance, some users might open your site on a 4-inch screen, while others may do it on 4.5 or 5-inch screen while some people might use tablets to come to your site.  So it is necessary to develop your site that is flexible enough to adjust to whatever screen size it is opened into.  Because the good interface is one of the major reasons your customers will stay and come back to your site.

Create Mobile Friendly Content:

Creating content and using keywords is one of the well-known tactics to increase SEO of your site. But in 2018, you need to look again at your content and make sure that it is mobile friendly too.  Create your content in a way that it is readable on all mobile devices right from small screens to the large ones. Select the font of your content accurately as many times viewers leave your site if they find it difficult to read the content due to the selection of fonts.  Make sure that any buttons are used on mobile sites; then they are big enough to be seen and do not lag while using.

Follow the above tips to enhance the user interface of your site in 2018. Because Digital marketing is no longer restricted to computers or laptops but is turning more towards the Mobile Devices.

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