Importance of Website Search Navigation

Importance of Website Search Navigation

Website Search Navigation is taken very lightly and not considered of any importance when it comes to obtaining bigger outputs i.e. business revenue. But website search navigation can also be of importance to obtain larger gains and create a huge impact on results.

Website Search Navigation provides easy accessibility to your website as well as affects the traffic and conversations. Other than that, website navigation is a very important part of the WCAG 2.0 Guidelines.

What is Website Search Navigation?

Imagine that you are going to travel to a new city and you plan on exploring the tourist places there.

There would be two conditions for you in this scenario

1)      You already have a list of places you want to visit and you would simply look up at the places on the map and visit them.

2)      You don’t have any idea which places to visit. You would simply get out of your hotel room and ask the driver to take you anywhere he wishes.


Similar is the scenario with the users in the web community

1)      Users who know what they are looking for

2)      Users who love to browse around

Thus to fulfill the wishes of both kind of users, a bar search functionality needs to be there on the website header to make it easy for the users to find out what they want with ease without having to spend time to browse around for it and also for people who like to randomly browse around through your website.

Below are the few reasons why you should be using the search functionality within your website

  • The navigation bar or tools is a clear indication that your website is filled with knowledge and depth.
  • More than 50 percent of the people who come to your website know exactly what they want and hence they use the search navigation option to reach to the product/service that they are looking for
  • People who do not know the exact word for what they are looking for but partially know, they can find related searches through navigation option
  • Search box proves to be a great saviour when the user gets lost on your website.
  • Navigation tool helps in making your website more logical by breaking it up into categories and groups
  • Good navigation search gives your users a quick access to whatever they are looking for rather them making them feel like Alice in Wonderland
  • The most important thing to keep the user on your site is easy user interface which is exactly what navigation provides. When the user gets what he is looking for he likes to stay on your site. But if he is unable to find something or gets confused than all he does is click the cross button at the top-right corner and move to another website.
  • Good navigation also helps to be fruitful in SEO as it enables the Search Engine Spiders to crawl your site properly and index them. It also improves web usability. Because if a website is not accessible by a link, it will not be found by search engines.






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