Improve your Organic Market Share with Amazing Growth Hacks for 2017
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Improve your Organic Market Share with Amazing Growth Hacks for 2017

Improve your Organic Market Share with Amazing Growth Hacks for 2017

Improve your Organic Market Share with Amazing Growth Hacks for 2017

Let’s talk about the most interesting word of the online industry “organic”. It is self assumed that the online experts must be well aware of the best practiced SEO tricks. But, there are chances that you might not be having enough knowledge over tuning their SEO efforts using   I’ll assume you’re already experienced with SEO best practices. But you might not know how to fine-tune your SEO efforts using cutthroat awareness and keyword monitoring. A company can achieve huge profits just by monitoring keywords

To make your task easy, mentioned below are 5 market share growth hacks that monitors tones of organic listings globally.

So let’s just have a look.

Trick #1 Indexed content

To accelerate your organic presence, research for the type of content that is boosting the ranking of your competitor. For this you will need to have certain information that is stated below.

  • Google indexes the content listing.
  • Keywords for which the content has a good ranking.
  • Content that holds impression.

Highlight this information according to the number of impressions. Then research for the content posted by competitor that has maximum impressions to analyze what you can adapt for your business.

Trick #2 Boost your Page Share

For better organic results it is necessary to enhance your page share. Let us take an example. Suppose your page out of 10 search results is indexed on third, this means that your page share is 30. There are several ways to improve the page share. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Evaluate your page share
  • Perform a competitive audit and at least 4 to 5 competitors using a quality tool that calculates exact rank and total number of listings on your organic keywords.
  • Look for the keywords that give the competitors a higher page share than you have as this outcasts that they have more clicks and visibility.

This way you have the list of keywords that you have to work upon and put on high priority.

Take these keywords that have the highest impression volume and use these keywords to improve your ranking and listings with the help of SEO best practices. To get the results fast, use these keywords as a part of a paid campaign to boost your ranking instantly.

Trick #3 Optimize for SERP sections

The search engine results page is a collection of different areas that appear dynamically when searched for particular keywords. If you wish to rank the highest, but you are putting emphasis on the section that does not cover those keywords, you will land nowhere.

Your motive should be to work on pages that are most beneficial to your business and hold the highest ranks.

Let’s have a quick check of organic sections most relevant to your business.

  • Organic listings
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Local (map)
  • News
  • Books
  • Hotels
  • Knowledge Graph Profiles

The process should begin by knowing the layout of the page for your set of researched keywords. Next, record the ranking of the pages that are close to top.

Like, if you are a photographer, the video page is of utmost importance for you, but is that page appearing on top of search results?

After the research make a keyword list for which your ranking is below your competitors. Share these keywords with the SEO team to improve your website ranking for particular sections.

Final Verdict

The above mentioned 3 tricks will surely help you to increase your ranking and bring you up on the Google search bar. Remember, everything starts with a good analysis of what your competitor is doing, how is he doing it and where is he planning to be. After you know it, you can easily use these tricks for your on-page as well as off-page submissions.

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