Instagram Going Selective About Your News Feeds! 2018

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Instagram Going Selective About Your News Feeds! 2018

New Update from Instagram is good news for all the people who are choosy about what they like and what they don’t in their news feed.  This is one of the new Social Media Optimization by Instagram that Instead of showing all the feeds in the chronological order, Shows feeds according to the user preference.

So with Instagram going feed decider, here’s what you can do to avoid missing on important feeds and posts and achieve full control over your feeds.

The change has made the rearrangement in posts from chronological order to what the app thinks is most interesting for you.  As this may sound good to some people, there is also a laid back for this arrangement.  Though you may find interesting posts but this will interrupt the post that you ‘Actually’ want to see on the top of your feed. It may also lead to missing out on some posts that you find important but Instagram Doesn’t.  This might also have an effect on Instagram Marketing and lead to revisions in SMO techniques too.

To all the people who are not happy with the change, there is no way that you can revert back your feed to the chronological order again. But there is a way to assure that you don’t have to miss out on the important posts.

Here’s how you can do it. Make sure you don’t miss out on posts from your friends and other favourite Instagrammers, set up an alert to notify you. So with the notification on; the posts, photos and videos shared by these people will appear on your feed without fail.

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