Know Why SEO Takes Time To Work

Know Why SEO Takes Time To Work

Being a company that needs SEO for your website, you look into different SEO offering agencies and chose one digital marketing agency that you believe to have the experience and expertise to increase the rankings of your website and bring it to the top.  There, you immediately start hoping for the results

Then the first month goes by but results don’t seem to come up as per your expectation.

So you start nagging with your digital marketing agency and start questioning about where your funds are going? Why isn’t your website on top? Why aren’t your rankings gone high? And etc…

There is only one thing obvious thing that the SEO Company will tell you ‘SEO takes time’

The question is Why SEO takes time?

It is a misconception that SEO campaigns can be easily achieved through few simple tricks and techniques. In today’s techno-driven age, this mindset is far from reality. The SEO today has become much more complex and successful implementation of SEO requires working on multiple different aspects like producing a proper domain name, creating a sitemap, creating new schemes, optimizing quality content and many more other deeds.  Bringing forth all these needs proper planning and using perfect strategies. All these things need time!

Another reason that makes SEO services work at snail pace is the functioning mechanism of Google. You have to work a lot in getting good quality links for your website.  Even after that, as many other companies are trying to reach the top; Google’s webmaster will take time to recognize your website. In such a case only one thing can be done is to wait patiently and keep building new links

The third reason is, to get high-quality links SEO agency will need to develop a large number of high-quality contents.  Developing content is again a long-term process. It involves finding the right topic, using the right voice & tone, knowing your target audience and creating what would interest them.

The fourth reason is, although you and others might be able to easily navigate the newly published contents through your website that’s not the case with search engine crawler. The Google crawler usually takes quite some time to crawl and include new results in its index.  It just cannot happen the very next day of putting up your content; you must wait for few months for Google to have a hold on your content. But once it is done, you will surely see a high increase in the traffic for your website.

The fifth and most important reason is there was a time when SEO was merely the matter of finding the correct keywords that could deliver the most traffic and then optimize your website according to those keywords. It was simple and mechanical. But with the advancement in time, the earlier used SEO short tactics are no longer working because although those tactics were easier and faster but were open to all. So it may have got you to rank first in a jiff but it lacked sustaining the rank because when another company used the same tactics, they would easily replace you.

So how to rank high in SEO despite all the above-mentioned reasons?


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