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Learn How to Tackle Google Fred Update

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Learn How to Tackle Google Fred Update

Entire web world has been shaken by the “Fred Update 2017.” It is so far considered to be the strongest move taken in the online world. The primary focus of the Google update 2017 is on the websites that have been publishing low quality content on their web portals.

A research revealed that almost 600 updates are announced by Google every year, but declaring each one of them is not possible.

Gary Illyes in a discussion with Barry Schwartz, one who has been taking care of the advancements in the online industry and keeping it updated since last 13 years on March 7th tweeted about Fred update.

So far Google has not given a word over update 2017, but, it is reported that poor quality content websites have been struck hard. Barry Schwartz tracked almost 100 websites and saw a drop on March 9th, and the sole purpose of these websites is to make money from Google AdSense.

Let us go a little deeper to comprehend what really matters to it and how to recoup your site if the Google Fred Update has hit you awfully.

Best Way to Know If a Site Has Been Penalized?

According to search engine optimization, a sudden drop in the website’s ranking is one of the most significant indication that it has been hit by Fred update. Also, it becomes difficult to track the organic traffic coming on the website, since without rankings, it is impossible to get organic clicks, impressions and visits.

It is noticed that the websites with good backlinks were seen with an increase in organic traffic. The entire credit for this change goes to websites having spammy profiles. Also, the websites that stick to the Google Webmaster Guidelines will be holding better chances and preference.

What Google Webmaster Guideline Says?

The basic principles of Google Webmaster indicated are, to make web pages for users and not for search engines. Let’s have a look at the websites that suffered a setback after the Google Fred Update.

Different Websites Affected So Far

  • Low quality content
  • Excess of  Ads
  • Too much of affiliate links
  • Local Business Sites

How to Cope Up With Fred Update?

As Google still can’t seem to affirm on the Fred update authoritatively, Google Webmaster Guidelines is the best way to recoup your website from Fred Update.

For speedy tips, how about we take a look at the accompanying focuses to recuperate your site from this update.


  • Make your website user friendly. A valuable, engaging and unique website for user is much better than a search engine robot.
  • Do not overcrowd your website with Ads.
  • Make sure you have a good quality backlinks content on your website. It is always good to focus on quality than quantity.
  • Update a content that solves the problem and query of a user.
  • Put your users before the keywords.
  • Write a content after deciding a theme.
  • Improvise the relevancy of website by creating meaningful anchor texts.
  • Bring up the content that is more engaging like videos, infographics and podcasts..


  • Stop putting similar content over and over again.
  • Stop the use of automated tools to create backlinks
  • Do not ever think of buying links.
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