New Marketing and Social Media trends for 2018

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New Marketing and Social Media trends for 2018


With every passing year, it gets more challenging to grab the attention of your audience. In today’s fast-paced
era, competition grows daily and with that the attention span of audience decreases. So the
companies now have hardly 8 seconds to connect with their audience. With such strict timing, it is the
biggest question how to keep ahead of the curve in 2018?
Thus we give you with four marketing and social media trends to help you keep up in 2018

1. Video Marketing
As people are getting busier with their lives, they prefer videos over content. Because watching a video
takes less time than reading and also the overall effort put to understand the topic becomes less, videos
are trending and appear to be more promising in 2018.
According to studies, the video is the fastest growing advertisement portal in the world and has been
increasing its audience on daily basis. As a video is a mode that gets you face to face conversation with
your audience, it is estimated that videos will cover up to 80% of online consumer internet traffic by the
end of 2020.
So it is advisable to concentrate more on video making strategies. Identify your audience, plan a script
and make an appealing video to grasp the attention of your audience through Youtube. Nowadays
even Facebook live streaming is on trends. Plan your script and go live for your audience. The more your
audience connects with you; the better will be the ROI of your business

2. Augmented Reality
The concept of AR (Augmented Reality) is certainly new in the market and making people go ‘wow’ on
their usage. AR is a new and engaging way to reach your target audience because it is fast, easy,
convenient and interesting.
Right now this technology is limited but we are hoping to see a vast expansion of it in 2018. Right now
people have already experienced Augmented Reality through their iPhone 8 and iPhone X phones and
also through the app called Snapchat. Snapchat has launched filters using the AR filters that lets people
click images with filtered- probes in the real world.
Also, IKEA is a furniture app that uses AR technology to give you a view of how your furniture will look at
your house. This helps people to decorate their homes much more conveniently and give them the variety
of options to choose from.

3. Chatbots
Consumers like to contact to the companies directly when they have a question, query or need more
details about the product or services. So if you are one such business, fulfill your consumers need by providing them with easy chatbots. Chatbots is one feature that will be every business’s requirement in 2018. So don’t stay left out and customize your website with a live chatbot.

4. Brand Advocacy
Just like big brands have Brand ambassadors to promote product/s same way companies now have
brand advocates that showcase their product or services. The job of these brand advocates it to make
videos to show people how the products/services are used, what is their advantages etc. The brand
advocates also indulge in conversations and post reviews & feedbacks about the products/services.
Brand Advocacy is one of the strong marketing techniques to be use in 2018

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