Be Prepared for Attribution Changes Coming to Google AdWords.

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Be Prepared for Attribution Changes Coming to Google AdWords.

Rumours are around that Google will stop supporting last click attribution sometime this year and give choices to its advertisers to choose from different attributions models.  In short attribution, changes are about to come to Google’s AdWords.

What is an attribution model?

Right now the Google AdWords has a last click attribution as of its default settings.  Last click attribution gives all the importance to the click just before the conversion event. That means the 100% credit goes to the last clicked keyword of the conversation.  But this default setting is falling short, as a different business have different marketing objectives so there have to be different attribution models to fulfil their needs feels Google.

List of Different Attribution Models

Below listed are the five models of attribution that companies can choose from

  • Linear Model

A linear model is a model that believes in equality. It gives the same score to every touch point that contributes to the conversation.  That is to say that the first click, as well as the last click, get the same amount of credit points. This attribution will benefit any company that wants to give most possible credit to any and every keyword that has a role in the conversation.  The linear model can be important when dealing with highly relevant but fewer volume long-phrases.

  • First click model

As the name says, first click model gives all the credit to the first touch point of the conversation.  This model benefits the companies who are looking for growth and wants to focus on new users gain.

  • Data-driven attribution Model

The data-driven attribution model is the most technical type of the model as it first analyzes various data points and then decides the weighting of the conversation points according to its calculation. It is to say that it distributes credit points in favour of keywords, converting ads, ad groups and campaigns.

  • Position Based Model

Position based model is the safest model as it distributes credits in somewhat equal percentage.   With position based model 40 percent of the credit is assigned to the first and last interaction each and the remaining 20 percent of the credit is assigned to the middle interactions equally. It is the safest of the model when the company finds it difficult of deciding which interactions should be given more priority.

  • Time Decay Model:

Time decay model gives more credit points to the touch points that are closest in time to a conversation.  That is to say that the keywords which have been interacted by the consumers within few hours of conversation time would receive the largest importance.  This model is somewhat similar to the old last click model. This model allows you get the similar experience if you are not willing to change your attribution settings to any new model.

General Pointers on Attribution Models :

  • Changing attribution models does not change actual account performance
  • Different models lead to different company benefits and can be customized by the account holder
  • You can view various models about your data by attribution models page, without making any changes to your default settings.
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