Sudden SEO Traffic Drop? Here’s what you can do

Sudden SEO Traffic Drop? Here’s what you can do

It takes months and sometimes even years for a website to rank good but it’s one of the worse tragedies if one day you notice a sudden drop in search engine traffic.  Truly speaking, there is not a single website owner who has not experienced SEO traffic drop, so if it happens to you, don’t panic! Take a fresh look at your site and try to find out the reason for its downfall.

Don’t worry! you are not alone in this search, Webdogs will help you find the reason behind your site traffic drop.  Below are the few reasons that could be the cause of your SEO traffic drop, those are

Inaccurate Data

SEO traffic drop mostly occurs due to data inaccuracy. Be 100% sure of your data before it goes on your site.  Make sure that you are not missing out on a piece of stats for a certain period of time, a device or a page type.  The good part is the disappearances are easy to spot as well as preventable in the future.


Keep a track on your analytics on weekly basis and plot your weekly SEO traffic for the past 12 months to calculate the average deviation with the help of an Excel sheet. Sometimes the figures provide the most accurate answers and also help to plan out the next step.


Once you’ve checked the data and managed your analytics but the traffic drop seems constant and your site seems lost in the Pacific Ocean, then there is quite a chance of your site been gone under the search engine penalty.  To check whether this is the case or not, simply check your Google Search Console.  Go to your account, click on Search Traffic, then to Manual actions section and check whether your site has been given a red card or not. If it has been given a red card then there should be a notification addressing the reason of penalty and specifying what has led to this.

If the traffic drop is not due to the penalty reasons than there might be other causes you need to check, like

Site Hack

No one is safe from hacking, so if you think you are safe, time to have a quick check! To check if your site has been hacked or not, kindly visit Google’s comprehensive list of all the necessary steps to bring your site back to life. If your site is hacked, no need to be worried there are provisions to get the control back too with some efforts and Google’s help.

Duplicated Content

Sometimes the problem of traffic downfall can arise due to the duplicate or thin content on your site.  Make sure your site has all the original content on it because more original content your site has the more valuable it becomes for Google.

User-generated Spam

Sometimes, it’s not you who puts duplicate content on your site but it might be the users doing this job. To identify and block the spammers, go to your site and offer user-generated content. And delete all the irrelevant links and content that you find suspicious.

Faulty Redirection

No user likes being redirected to a faulty page that cannot be found or on an irrelevant page that has nothing to do with his current search. So it’s good to check and keep a track of your site’s suspicious redirects.

Malicious Links

The SEO rankings face a huge impact due to off-page violations, which, as a rule, takes place if your site is flooded with toxic and un-useful backlinks. So, keep a check on your site to be free of unwanted backlinks through regular audits and SEO Spyglass.

Google Algorithm updates

One bad thing about  Google is – it does not normally bother to inform its users about any of its algorithm updates. However, some major updates are generally covered in search engine news.  So it is important to keep information on what has been implemented new by Google and what changes you should make to improve your site.

Major Site Changes

Recent site changes, redesigns, updates or migrations may also put an impact on your site. It may either boost your traffic or bring it down completely.  After a site renovation does check the impact it can have on your users by going to Crawl, then Crawl Errors and having a close look at the graph to spot any differences that may have taken place on your site.


All website owners are very well equipped with the power of backlinks. More the backlinks to a site, more traffic it helps to gain. But with time and changes, there are chances that you might end up losing some of your site backlinks. If among the lost few links, one of your high-end link which is lost; then it will definitely affect your site rankings.

Don’t worry, everything is fixable, you just need to know the right tools. Open your project in SEO SpyGlass, and then make sure that the Backlink Progress graph in the Summary dashboard is going up. After that switch to the Backlinks dashboard to update all your backlinks, then select Backlink Page Info and update that too.

PPC traffic snatches SEO’s

As it is evident, PPC involves traffic through paid advertisers while on the other hand, SEO’s traffic is purely organic. To be honest, PPC traffic overrules that of SEO’s, the reason being – paid ads always appear higher than organic searches. As most of the users prefer looking at the first site that appears and hardly pays attention to the ones that are below, Paid marketers definitely get more traffic than organic ones.

Mobile Friendly Sites

It’s been a while now that Google is doing all it could for making the Web more mobile-friendly. And for this purpose, when it comes to mobile website ranking, the priority goes to the mobile-friendly websites first. This does not mean that the desktop sites are completely out of SEO competition. But however, you need to have a mobile-friendly site (not necessarily a mobile app) to offer your users.

Sometimes your downfall in traffic may be simply due to the users finding problems using your site through mobiles and thus they end up neglecting it completely.  Thus it is very important to optimize your site and make it mobile friendly as early as possible.

Change in Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

Although it happens in a blue moon, sometimes your drop down traffic may be the result of a sudden change in the Search Engine Result Pages. It might happen that Google starts answering some of the queries differently in the search engine and thus creating an impact on your traffic. So it’s better to keep a check over that as well!


Many times it is not the fault of your website but it is due to the good performance of your competitors that your site is facing a downfall.  So it is highly important to check how you are doing on your site as well as keep a track of how well your competitors are performing as well.  The marketing agency works on the jungle rule ‘Survival of the fittest’ so it is suggested to continuously keep updating your site.


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