Techniques to maximize your Facebook reach in 2018

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Techniques to maximize your Facebook reach in 2018

It’s been years since people have started to use Facebook as one of the important medium to market their businesses.  Facebook has proved to be useful for all these people and wishes to continue doing so even in 2018. But as time changes, there is a need of bringing about the change in the techniques as well.  

Waiting for ‘Organic Reach’ is just so 2012. Many people are still stuck in the old mindset that more the number of followers, more the natural reach of their post would be. But in reality, organic reach in Facebook is as low as 2% to 6% and it continues to decline. What is more surprising is, having a large fan base does not seem to be as beneficial as it used to be earlier and now even the pages with 5,00,000 likes have the lowest organic reach of about less than 2% only

The organic reach is not going to suddenly kick back, thus in 2018, you need to go beyond the organic reach and enter the  New marketing and Social media trends and paid promotion as well.

Below are the few techniques to maximize your Facebook reach

Highly shareable content

Highly shareable content is the must-have when it comes to social media.  Make content that people like, that people read and feel ‘OMG, I must share this now!’  As we all know, mouth to mouth publicity is the best, the same works in form of shares in Facebook. The more people will share your content, the more organic reach it will get.  Highly shareable content includes content that makes people pause and read, either because it is moving or motivating or because it is alluring.

Manage the timings of your Paid Boost

As already said, relying only upon organic reach is old school in 2018, but yet it is advisable to wait for at least 24 hours before putting your post on paid boost. Waiting 24 hours will give you a fair idea of how good your post is; sometimes some post goes completely neglected and sometimes some post becoming hot trending just by natural reach. So wait for a day and then put your post on boost, if needed.

Make Audience Engagement your Priority

Once your audience builds the trust that your posts are worth their timings, they will surely want to keep in touch with your page i.e. to get timely updates and notifications.  Take every opportunity available to engage your audience because engagement is what keeps them coming back.  

Also when people leave a comment (good or bad) make sure that you give them a response. Let them know that they are been heard.  Also, acknowledge people who share your posts by liking their shared post or hitting one of the reaction buttons (love or wow). Also, it would be a cherry on the cake if you praise them in the comment section.

Live is In

As Facebook allows live streams, videography has taken a big toll on people.  Video holds sway on Facebook with triple the engagement and 1200% more shares than text and image posts combined.  Through Facebook live streaming, you can gain more visibility and reach. The rule for a Facebook live stream is-  longer the video, higher the engagement.

Follow the above-mentioned techniques and increase your reach counts in 2018.

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