Trust And Reliability – Two Important Aspects Of Online Sales

Trust And Reliability – Two Important Aspects Of Online Sales

Offline shopping is a classic and age-old way of buying things. It has been in existence even before people knew that they were actually ‘Shopping’.  But with advancement in technology and lack of time, the new way of shopping has come into existence. This new form of shopping is very well known as online shopping.

There are lots of people who prefer shopping online but still, there are some who believe the otherwise. As per the studies, people are comfortable buying things of fewer amounts online but when it comes to paying a huge amount, they choose the option of going offline.

The core reason for this problem is people want to find a ‘fair deal’. They believe that online shopping is good only till the time they get a better deal than offline. But when it comes to paying huge amounts, they somewhere lack trust.

How has this problem tackled?

As online marketers are already on their way of building customer trust, there are many liabilities that are given when shopping online, few of them are:

  1. The option of COD (Cash on Delivery) – This option is best for people who fear to pay big amounts online. They can still buy the product and pay for it only when the product appears on their hands.


  • Easy returns – This is an option which people sometimes don’t even get when they buy offline. For instance, if you buy a gadget or an electronic product, the box packed gadget is handed over to you or if it is huge, it gets delivered to your house. If that product has any working-defect, the offline store does not change the product (at max they will get it repaired) but the same product gets replaced very easily (some websites even provide ‘No question return policy’ ) when you buy online.


  1. Easy Exchange – This option solves the problem of ‘what if I like it in the picture but fail to like the actual product?’ in that case, you can get the product exchanged without putting much time or efforts.


  1. Same day delivery – people also fall back when it comes to online shopping because they either don’t want to or they don’t have the time to wait for the delivery to come. Well, paying some extra bucks (probably the same amount you spend on offline travelling) will get your product reach you the same day!

Other than this, there are few other ‘barriers’ that hinder people from shopping online, one this is – people feel that when they actually ‘SEE’ the product, they instantly develop a trust for buying it but gaining this trust while shopping online takes time to develop.

This problem arises due to some people selling ‘fake’ things. They put the picture of a high-end product at a fair price but when the product actually appears, it just looks like a bad replica of the picture.

To solve this problem some reputed websites (like Amazon, Flipkart etc) has taken it under their charge to check the reliability of the products (they put a tag below the product as ‘assured’ for the products that are quality checked by them).  With this, people who buy from these sites can be sure that things bought under the tag of ‘assured’ are of a good quality.

Online marketers are doing their best to build the trust and reliability of their customers and as per the recent figures, around 72% people prefer online shopping, let’s hope to build the trust of remaining 28% soon!




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